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Violence and harassment against visibly identifiable minority representatives is a reality. It is never your fault if you are attacked or harassed. Victims are chosen accidentally. But there are things you can do to reduce the risk. Your primary consideration should be your personal survival.

Usually hate crime is committed by a group of young people. They may have been observed you for some time. There may be 3-10 attackers in casual clothes armed with knives, traumatic devices, airguns and knuckles. Girls may take the aggressive very often, provoking fight or attack.

Note: Nazi activists do not recognize themselves as perpetrators! They feel as if they were hunters. It is very important to hold out against this pressure and refrain from taking the part of chased person. Try not to play a passive role.

Also racist crime may be committed in a form of spontaneous mass violence by football hooligans or Nazi-novices. These groups are younger and may be under influence of alcohol. Beginners may wear similar clothes and heavy boots and show cowardly conduct one by one.

If you are at risk to become a victim of racially motivated crime:

Familiarize yourself with the basic principles of first aid. Particularly find out how to stanch a wound.

Have your identity papers (passport, student card) with you. Make copies of all your documents and keep them in safe place. Enter emergency (103), police (102) and community activists numbers in your phone.

Inform someone about where you are going and when you are expected to return.

Stay alert. Awareness is your best self-defense; know what is happening around you. Be especially careful if you are alone or have been drinking. Avoid walking drunk. Watch where you are going and what is going on around you.

Pay no regard to drunk and aggressive people, just ignore them. If people call you names, it is usually safer either to ignore them or to report them to the police or to someone nearby. Often the people calling these names cannot tell where you are from, so will probably confuse Japanese or Koreans for Chinese, for example, or Indians for Pakistanis.

Nazi girls most often may be defiant provoking fight or attack. If they do so take no notice of them, just ignore because any your reaction might be a signal to attack.

Be careful when you are striking up an acquaintance. If this person already has a companion it may cause a conflict.

Do not look fixedly on unfamiliar people but do not hide your eyes if someone is staring at you — it is a sign of weakness. Do not touch your companion striking up an acquaintance (keep distance).

Project confidence. Walk as if you know where you’re going. Stand tall. Walk in a confident manner, and hold your head up. Be confident — even if you don’t feel it. Be calm and do not panic. If you succumb to victimization, it will result in fatal consequences. Trust your instincts: if you think something is wrong then act on it.

Have your keys in your hand when you reach your home or car.

Plan a safe walking route. Use well-lit, busy streets. Keep a safe distance between you and others, and always have an out (somewhere you can turn to run if you feel threatened).

Know and avoid situations that could lead to crime — such as unlit parking lots, dark alleyways, passage undergrounds, backyards, bus stops etc. Know neighborhood danger zones and avoid them: pedestrian paths, along tall shrubs, walls and fences.

In bedroom communities courtyards, parks, any public places open round the clock could serve for assembly points for the Nazis too. For example, at Poznyaky Kiev district these are the supermarkets.

If possible do not walk alone at dangerous districts you badly know. If you are at such a district walk along a crowded and best illuminated street. Stand in crowded places. Go for a walk at daylight. Avoid walking alone when leaving late.

Try not to go out on street in time of football matches. Many football hooligan groups are identical with racist groups.

Move away from unsafe situations. Usually victims are trailed for some time. Perpetrators use cell-phones to communicate and can easily come across and surround a victim at any desired place. If you feel threatened or suspect something, walk into a supermarket or café and ask acquaintances to pick you up.

Be careful near a doorway. It is very important to ascertain the situation approaching it. If you see a group of suspicious people near a doorway it is better not to go in but to pass by and enter some crowded place, call friends.

While walking into a doorway glance back — most attacks happen at the moment of entering (exiting) through a door or just beyond it. Be extremely careful at a doorway and do not get into a lift with suspicious persons.

Be extra attentive while leaving your dwelling. Probably, the quarter of your community is itself a target of frequent attacks. Perpetrators may lay or hang about wait for somebody passing by your hostel or religious institution. If you have any facts go to your local police and/or university authorities with request of guard.

Walk with friends or a group. When you are out late at night, have a friend accompany you — don’t go alone. If you feel uneasy, trust your instincts and go directly to a place where there are other people.

Leave venues with friends wherever possible. But remember that perpetrators can gather a large group as well.

Your friends should be aware of possible danger too. It is advisable to prearrange your acts in case of an attack — as a group of 3 persons can stop an attack of an uncoordinated crowd of 10 when they are acting correctly and no one gives way to panic.

Take action if you feel threatened. Cross the street, change direction, run to a place where there are other people, or walk closer to traffic. Step out in the street on the other side of parked cars.

Keep money for taxis, the expense is worth it.

If you are being followed in a car, turn around and walk quickly in the opposite direction. Get the license plate number and a description, if possible.

If you are being followed on foot, turn around to let the person know that you have seen them. Immediately cross the street or run toward a place where you can find a number of people.

Slowing down of pace and quick U-turn toward the approaching group often has an effect against inexperienced bone-heads at distance of 3-4 meters. However, before darting you should evaluate correctly a probable attacker. People planning to attack will do it in any case, despite the fact that you have ran or turned around — these your acts may be additional signal to begin the attack.

Do not panic. It is necessary to stay calm and convict if possible that you are going to defend yourself in case of attack — take off your wrist-watch and put it in a pocket, fasten a jacket, take off gloves. If you carry a defensive tool (airguns, pointed/cutting objects, traumatic devices) it makes sense to relocate it in a convenient pocket in a sight of persuaders. [1]


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